Car drives through salon, pins owner against water heater

Josh Briggs
Managing Editor

At about 1 p.m. today, emergency crews from Benton police and fire departments, along with Saline Memorial Hospital, responded to a report of a vehicle driving through a local business.

Crews were dispatched to Gail and Blake's Hair Shop on Military Road finding a car that had driven through the front of the business after jumping a curb before hitting and pinning the owner, Gail Owen, against a hot water tank.

Crews worked for about 30 minutes before freeing Owen, who was then transported to Saline Memorial Hospital with a head and leg injury. However, she was conscious and speaking as she left.

Owen was cutting a client's hair when the vehicle crashed through the front of the shop. The client suffered a small cut to her forehead and arm, but did not require medical attention.

It is unknown if the woman driving the vehicle was conscious at the time of the accident, but she was able to walk away under her own power following the incident.

See Friday's issue of The Saline Courier for more information.