The Duke's grandson on tap today in Bryant

John T. Wayne
Josh Briggs
Managing Editor

An American icon's grandson is due to appear in Bryant today from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

John T. Wayne, who is believed to be the famous western movie actor's grandson, will be signing copies of his books at the Bryant Senior Wellness and Activity Center at Bishop Park.

Wayne said he also will be allowing photo opportunities for guests.

"That is why I can't do a book signing in two hours," he said with a laugh.

Wayne was raised in St. Louis, Missouri and now resides in Paragould.

The "Gaslight Boys" series takes readers through the lives of orphans in the Civil War, including dipping into Arkansas history near the end of the war with the killing of a Greene County sheriff.

His works also shed light on Mark Twain; a slave trader by the name of Ol' Slantface who kidnaps orphans from the streets of St. Louis; and an orphan that locates to Louisiana following the war only to have a Yankee try and take his property. However, the orphan is not going down without a fight.

Wayne's life took a major turn in 2009 after his father passed away. For most of his life, he and his brothers a were curious about the "family secret" and why everyone was so tight-lipped.

Through an abundance of research and lineage tracking, Wayne discovered that he is quite possibly The Duke's biological grandson.

Wayne stands 6 feet 4 inches tall and carries himself like the famous cowboy, all the way to dressing like The Duke and donning the signature hat as the cowboy did in his many movies.

Now 58, Wayne says he has all the evidence he needs to believe he and The Duke are family.