For The Kids: Child-friendly area added to prosecutor’s office

Natalie Terry, office manager for the Saline County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, left, and Chief Deputy Prosecutor Rebecca Bush, stand with Prosecutor Ken Casady in the new children-friendly room at the Downtown Benton office. Terry and Bush designed the room for children to play in while waiting during a court proceeding. The room also will be used for victim interviews. JOSH BRIGGS/The Saline Courier
Josh Briggs
Managing Editor

The Saline County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office is taking a unique approach to mark National Crime Victims’ Rights Week.

Prosecutor Ken Casady announced Wednesday that members of his staff have created a “child-friendly” area of the Downtown Benton office in order to conduct interviews with children involved in assorted cases.

Casady added that the newly remodeled area also will be used to comfort children who are involved in court proceedings.

“The children will be able to come here until they are needed at the courthouse,” Casady said.

The room was paid for via a grant from the state Department of Victim Justice Assistance, according to Casady.

Natalie Terry, office manager, applied for the grant and was awarded the funds to furnish and equip the room.

“It is scary enough for a child to be called into the prosecuting attorney’s office and have to speak about very traumatic things they witnessed or experienced without having to sit across a desk from an adult they don’t know,” Terry said.

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