Special prosecutor appointed in McCallister tax matter

David Gibbons
Josh Briggs
Managing Editor

A special prosecutor has been appointed in the matter regarding an investigation into Saline County Circuit Judge Bobby McCallister’s unpaid personal taxes, according to court documents filled Wednesday at the Saline County Courthouse.

The investigation was launched in March by the Arkansas Judicial Discipline & Disability Commission.

Prosecutor David Gibbons, of the 5th Judicial District in Pope County, was appointed by Bob McMahan, the Arkansas prosecutor coordinator, Wednesday, according to court records.

Circuit Judge Robert Herzfeld is the administrative judge regarding this matter and approved the appointment.

Gibbons told The Saline Courier on Wednesday that he has not received the information regarding the matter, but “when I get the report I will try to move as fast and expeditiously as possible to get the matter resolved.”

No charges have been filed in this matter.

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