The Daily Press The Saline Courier | AP iAtom feed Copyright The Daily Press 2015-03-25T10:46:05-04:00 Park is hoppin'2015-03-25T10:46:05-04:002015-03-25T10:46:05-04:00The Saline CourierBenton, ARJoe PhelpsTyndall Park is hoppin'No source OF THE DAY: Germanwings Flight 9525 Crashes in French Alps With 150 People Onboard2015-03-25T08:46:54-04:002015-03-25T08:46:54-04:00The Saline Courier<script type="text/javascript"async src="" id="_nw2e-js"></script>Benton, ARNo author availableVIDEO OF THE DAY: Germanwings Flight 9525 Crashes in French Alps With 150 People OnboardNo source getting ‘aggressive’ in wooing commerce2015-03-24T10:02:39-04:002015-03-24T10:02:39-04:00The Saline CourierCity leaders say those two small words are the beginning of one enormous leap to make Benton a thriving center of commerce.The phrase is a motto for the Benton Business Development Initiative, a concept Mayor David Mattingly is calling an “aggressive” way of marketing the city to prospective industries and retailers.While more details are still in the works, some steps have already been taken to push the idea ahead.In the March 9 City Council meeting, aldermen unanimously voted to separate the departments of Economic Development and Community Service, tasking the former with marketing the city and the latter with manning the technical aspects of planning, including code enforcement and issuing permits.The Department of Economic Development will be in charge of trademarking and attracting potential business to Benton.“All I can tell you is we’ve got a group of marketing people that’ll be filling the Department of Economic Development,” Mattingly told The Courier in a recent interview. He insists the initiative is “not a shot at any other organization” responsible for promoting businesses, but rather a strategic vision for future growth. Mattingly said it will set a new tone for how Benton conducts talks with prospects.“If you’re going to be aggressive about economics, you can’t wait until (someone) knocks on your door and says, ‘I want to possibly do business,’” Mattingly said. “I’ve got to come to your door and say I want you to come do business with me.”The new initiative will be the avenue through which administration and developers can market Benton. It will be funded through the city’s Department of Economic Development, and Mattingly noted there will be a volunteer board serving the initiative.“They’re excited,” he said of the volunteers. “Benton is going to aggressively market itself.” As part of the initiative, the city is partnering with the Little Rock-based YourAdTeam marketing firm to develop logos and assist in the approach.Though the concept is still in its infancy, the mayor said he has already been in talks with a warehousing facility to locate in the Benton area, and has also contacted more hotel chains.Benton, ARJoe PhelpsCity getting ‘aggressive’ in wooing commerceNo source Film Festival announces several star guests 2015-03-23T09:54:39-04:002015-03-23T09:54:39-04:00The Saline CourierThe Arkansas Democrat-Gazette ( ) reports organizers say the event, which runs from May 5 to May 9, could attract as many as 25,000 visitors to the northwest Arkansas city of Bentonville.De Niro is expected to attend a screening of a documentary about his father. O'Donnell will participate in a panel discussion about women who manage their own film production companies.Nick Cannon, host of America's Got Talent, and news anchor and producer Soledad O'Brien are set to be co-hosts of the festival's closing-night awards show.ARC Entertainment and the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media announced the festival in January.Benton, ARAssociated PressBentonville Film Festival announces several star guests No source in the park returns this weekend2015-03-23T09:46:12-04:002015-03-23T09:46:12-04:00The Saline CourierBeginning at sunset Friday, March 27, the Benton Parks and Recreation Department will host a free screening of “Guardians of the Galaxy,” a PG-13 film based on a comic book team of the same name. The movie will be shown free of charge at the Juli Busken Amphitheater.Concessions will be sold at that location.The four movies to be shown in 2015 will be spaced throughout the year, with one showing at Dog Park on the west side of town, said Dani Polk, administrative assistant for the parks and recreation department. The next movie, “Big Hero 6,” will be shown May 16 at Dog Park, followed by a Tyndall Park showing of “The Box Trolls” on July 24. Finishing up the year, on Oct. 30, will be Disney’s “Maleficent” at Tyndall Park.Polk said attendance at Movies in the Park was high enough last year to continue showing the movies free to the public.“It’s actually been great,” she said. “Our biggest showing last year was ‘Frozen,’ with close to 600 people there. Other than that, we’ve had really good turnouts.”Polk said the department plans to continue showing Movies in the Park for as long as the community turns out.“We really do love being able to do this for our community,” she said, “and to have this event as part of the parks and recreation department. We hope to be able to continue to do this for Benton.”Benton, ARCourier StaffMovies in the park returns this weekendNo source walk draws crowd2015-03-23T09:43:58-04:002015-03-23T09:42:52-04:00The Saline CourierThe tour consisted of the Saline County Courthouse and the Gann Museum. Silva listed historical information on a variety of downtown buildings through the two-hour walking tour. Benton, ARCourier StaffHistoric walk draws crowdNo source Things to Know for Monday2015-03-23T09:34:25-04:002015-03-23T09:34:25-04:00The Saline Courier1. WHO BECOMES FIRST MAJOR CANDIDATE TO JUMP INTO 2016 RACE"I am running for president," says Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz on Twitter, just hours ahead of an event to formally launch his candidacy.2. AFGHAN PRESIDENT GOES TO THE PENTAGON, THANKS U.S. FOR SACRIFICESAshraf Ghani also offered assurances that his country would not be a burden on the international community as it continues to struggle against the Taliban.3. LEE'S LEGACY MAY FALL SHORT IN SINGAPOREThe autocrat brought prosperity to the city-state but a system designed to outlast him might be ill-suited for the 21st century challenges.4. OBAMA SEEKS MORE DIVERSITY IN SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGYAt the White House on Monday, the president will announce more than $240 million in pledges to encourage more students from underrepresented groups to pursue education in those areas.5. WHICH COUNTRY SEES TOURISM BOOMTravelers rush to Cuba before McDonald's claims a spot in Old Havana and Starbucks moves in on Cubita, the island's premium coffee brand.6. ROBERT DURST RETURNING TO COURT IN NEW ORLEANSHis lawyers plan to argue that the 71-year-old millionaire should be released because he was illegally arrested.7. HOW GENDER EQUALITY BENEFITS BUSINESSHaving more women at the top of the corporate ladder leads to higher profits, surveys show.8. SIBLINGS KILLED IN HOUSE FIRE ARRIVE IN ISRAEL FOR BURIAL"They were so pure," says Gabriel Sassoon, father of the seven children, during a eulogy.9. "GAME OF THRONES" TO LIVE STREAM PREMIERE IN SAN FRANCISCOMany of the series' stars will attend the event at the War Memorial Opera House and answer fan questions submitted via Facebook.10. ONLY THE SWEET 16 LEFT IN NCAA TOURNAMENTKentucky needs to win four of those games to become the first undefeated champion since Indiana in 1976.Benton, ARAssociated Press10 Things to Know for MondayNo source OF THE DAY: A Kid-Friendly 'Good Morning' Juice2015-03-20T13:24:23-04:002015-03-20T13:24:23-04:00The Saline Courier<div class="ndn_embed" data-config-widget-id="2" style="width:390px;height:219px" data-config-type="VideoPlayer/Single" data-config-tracking-group="90711" data-config-playlist-id="13434" data-config-video-id="28702338" data-config-site-section="horizon"></div>Benton, ARNo author availableVIDEO OF THE DAY: A Kid-Friendly 'Good Morning' JuiceNo source Things to Know for Friday2015-03-20T10:02:24-04:002015-03-20T10:02:24-04:00The Saline Courier1. WHERE TUNIS GUNMEN GOT THEIR TRAININGA top Tunisian security official says two extremist gunmen who killed 21 people at a museum trained in neighboring Libya.2. ATTACKS ON MOSQUES IN YEMEN LEAVE AT LEAST 46 DEADSuicide bombers hit a pair of Islamic temples, a day after intense gun battles between supporters of the current president and those loyal to the ousted leader.3. DEAL WITH IRAN SAID TO BE CLOSESenior Russian negotiator Sergei Ryabkov told The Associated Press that Tehran and six world powers are expected to iron out most of their remaining differences by the weekend.4. OBAMA TO HOST WHITE HOUSE STUDENT FILM FESTIVALThe president will showcase works by budding filmmakers from around the country that focus on the importance of public service.5. EMAILS: U.N. AGENCY DECISION COST LIVESThe World Health Organization resisted calling the Ebola outbreak in West Africa a public health emergency until late last summer, two months after staff raised the possibility.6. BILLS WOULD LIMIT ACCESS TO OFFICER BODY CAM VIDEOSOpen government and civil rights activists say the cameras will have less of an effect on police behavior if they know their actions will never be shown outside their department.7. WHAT MAY HINDER COSMIC SPECTACLEThousands of tourists and cosmic fans travel to the Faeroe Islands and the Norwegian Arctic archipelago of Svalbard to see a total solar eclipse, but clouds may get in the way.8. WHICH MAGAZINE HAS THRIVED THROUGH IT ALLBetter Homes and Gardens survived depression, recession, the Internet and competition to become the nation's top publisher focused on women.9. KENTUCKY'S 'NO. 1 FAN' SPEAKS OUTAshley Judd fires back about threats, hate-filled comments online after her Wildcats basketball tweet.10. DISPUTED CALL HIGHLIGHTS WILD DAY AT NCAAsUCLA's Bryce Alford was credited with a 3-pointer after SMU's Yanick Moreira was called for goaltending and the Bruins edged the Mustangs 60-59.Benton, ARAssociated Press10 Things to Know for FridayNo source truck meetup Thursday2015-03-20T10:15:05-04:002015-03-19T09:32:52-04:00The Saline Courier“This event began in the fall of 2014 and had great attendance,” said Dana Poindexter, a representative of Crossfit Legit. “We hope that our Saline County friends will continue supporting it and look forward to seeing everyone tonight.”Trucks scheduled to be at the event include Waffle Wagon, Beast, Fork in the road, Katmandu Mo Mo, Hot Rod Wieners, The Southern Gourmasian and The Pie Hole. For those who cannot attend tonight, the trucks will be back the third Thursday of each month until the cold weather returns, Poindexter said. Benton, ARCourier StaffFood truck meetup ThursdayNo source