Alcoa Road project ahead of schedule

Sarah Perry
Staff Writer

The expansion of Alcoa Road, which is set to be completed this spring, is currently ahead of schedule, according to Benton Mayor David Mattingly.
The project is approximately 60 to 65 percent complete, he said.
Unless there are any severe weather delays, he expects the project will be finished by the end of March or beginning of April.
To expand the road to four lanes, the project was separated into two phases.
In the first phase, crews constructed everything to the east of the road's center line, including half of the roundabouts.
For phase two, crews will construct everything on the west side of the center line, Mattingly said.
Phase one is complete and crews are currently working on phase two.
The preparation work for the second half of the project has been completed and now the road and roundabout portions of the project are being completed, Mattingly added.
He mentioned that "progress is good."
"It is going to be a great improvement when it is done," Mattingly said.
This $16-million project is a collaboration involving Benton, Bryant and Saline County officials.
Because 68 percent of the project is located in Benton, the city was named the lead agency.
The project is also a collaboration between the cities and the federal government. The cities are only responsible for 20 percent of the cost for the project and the Federal Highway Administration's Trust Fund will be covering the rest of the costs.