Benton residents filmed for ‘Blood Brothers TV’

Several Benton and Saline County residents showed off their hunting skills for a television program, which aired all last week.
Randy West, of Benton, was contacted by Freddy King of Cherokee Sports last July and he wanted to know if he could film a duck hunting show.
“He pretty much wanted to tell the story of how passionate the sport can be,” West said. “He saw all my Facebook pictures of ducks and he came down and filmed us and interviewed me.”
The show also featured: Chad Taylor, Zach Esry, Brian Moore, Trevor West, Trey West, Tim Wacov, Chris Reynolds and Zach Davis.
“The show was basically about the passion of the sport and getting the youth involved and into hunting,” West said. “We get up at 2 a.m. because we have a passion for the sport.”
“A lot of the nights, it is staying up all night and not getting much sleep,” Taylor said.
Blood Brothers TV is a show based and hosted by the everyday outdoorsman across the country.
On the website, the statement reads, “Outdoorsman from all walks of life share that same wiring in our chip that draws us outdoors to enjoy what God has graciously given us.
“That is the bond that we all share as brothers in the outdoors — that need to be outdoors.”
Camera crews follow these average everyday individuals as the pursue waterfowl, whitetails and gobblers “in their own familiar hunting areas and they convey their story to the audience of how special their time afield means to them.”
What separates Blood Brothers TV from other hunting shows, is that they won’t “interrupt with tips, product spots or punches.”
“It is called Blood Brothers for a reason,” West said. “If you are a hunter, then you share a passion for the sport. When you see a hunter sticker on the back of their truck, you know you have something in common.”
Taylor started hunting when he was 17 and in the 11th grade. Reynolds began when he was about 17 as well. But Trey West and Trevor West started hunting with their dad when they were around 6-years-old.
When they hunt, the group uses about 10 dozen decoys and about seven MOJOS, which are basically decoys where the wings on the ducks spin.
West said if people would like to watch the episode they can go to and watch the episodes there.