Bryant boy donates CD players to help soothe animals

Staff Writer

Using spare change, a Bryant Elementary School student recently donated two CD players to the Bryant Animal Control shelter to help soothe animals awaiting a new home.
Landon Tableriou, 7, said that he has always loved animals and pets.

Each year, since he was 4, Landon has cashed in spare change from his aunt. As part of their agreement, he has to donate half of the money he receives.
This year, he decided to donate to Bryant Animal Control so "the people that work there can take care of them and don't have to buy everything themselves," he said.

Bryant Animal Control Director Tricia Powers said music helps calm the animals and helps them transition to new homes.
All homes have ambient noise that most people do not notice. This noise includes a radio or TV playing, or even a refrigerator running, Powers said.
To provide this ambient music for the shelter animals, the staff plays the radio, soft music or audio books.
The music can help the animals not hear people coming into the building and blocks the noise of dogs for cats who are in an adjacent room.
For an animal who has spent its entire life outside, the music helps them transition to living indoors and helps acclimate them to the various noises in a home.

Powers added that Landon's donation shows he has a very generous heart.
"He is a leader showing others how to give back to the community," Powers added.

This is not the first time Landon has donated to organizations that help animals, he has donated towels, paper towels and dog food to the Saline County Humane Society and Simply Dogs in Bryant.
Along with assisting animals, Landon has also donated toys to the Salvation Army and each year, he helps pass out water to fans at the Salt Bowl pep rallies at Everett Buick GMC.

Landon is the son of Janae and Tony Tableriou.