Bryant, Pine Bluff scrimmage postponed

BRYANT — At the 2011 Salt Bowl Press conference, Bryant head coach Paul Calley said the Hornets would be utilizing more of a passing game than what some fans might be accustomed to.
And in Monday’s scrimmage against Pine Bluff, the Hornets stayed true to his word as they marched down the field in their opening drive for a touchdown.
“We utilized that short passing game,” Calley said over the phone Tuesday morning.
“We were a little worried about protection against Pine Bluff, but we ran some screens and we ran the ball a little bit.“And we put the ball in the end zone and that’s what matters.”
Hayden Lessenberry completed 4 of 5 passes on the drive to four different receivers.
Charles Henson caught a 12-yarder, Dillon Winfrey caught a 9-yard pass and Hayden Daniel grabbed a swing pass for no gain.
However, the game was later called due to several lightning strikes in the area and has been postponed until Thursday at 5:30 p.m. Calley said despite the weather, he definitely was pleased with what he saw.
“I was pleased with the effort,” Calley said. “I saw plenty we need to work on as well. We need to put it all together and see how we perform once fatigue sets in.”
An 11-yard pass from Lessenberry to Sawyer Nichols gave Bryant the lead in the scrimmage.
When the Hornets play Pine Bluff again on Thursday, it will be in the same format as Monday’s game. They will play 12 minute quarters with the varsity and then finish the game with the second and third-string teams.
Bryant’s scoring drive included a 36-yard run by Karon Dismuke and a 10-yard run by Jalen Bell. Bell’s run converted a fourth-and-one at the 21 and set up the scoring play.
The Hornets open their season on Sept. 2 against Benton.