City of Bryant hires two new firefighters

The Bryant Fire Department has added two firefighters, Brad Bush of Hot Springs and Jose Valdez of Bryant.

Bush said he chose to become a firefighter because he "wanted to help people without being a police officer like the rest of my family," he said.

He says he enjoys being involved with the community, fighting fires and responding to medical calls, he said.
"He is quiet and respectful and quickly learning," said Fire Chief J. P. Jordan. "He is built like a bull and just as strong."

Valdez worked as a facility operator for the Bryant Parks Department before becoming a firefighter.

"I enjoy helping people and always have," he said.

He says he enjoys everything about the job and said he works with a "good group of guys."

Valdez has two children — a daughter, Makayla, 7, and a son, Nathan, 4.

"Joe is also quiet and has a tremendous amount of working knowledge about a wide variety of things," Jordan said. "He also received the physical fitness award for his class recently when he went to the fire academy."