'Coach' star, Arkansas resident Jerry Van Dyke dead at 86

Jerry Van Dyke, 86.
Josh Briggs
Managing Editor

According to multiple reports, Arkansas resident and actor Jerry Van Dyke died Friday at his ranch in the Natural State.

He was 86.

TMZ is reporting that Van Dyke and his wife, Shirley, were involved in a car accident two years ago and that his health had since deteriorated .

Van Dyke, once a business owner in Downtown Benton, is most well-known for his character on the long-running TV series, "Coach."

The comedian and actor was born in Danville, Illinois, but called Arkansas home for many years.

He was the father to three children, Nancee Kelly, Jerri Lynn Dyke and Ronald Dyke.

Editor's note: The original story stated that Van Dyke was a native of Arkansas, however, he was born in Illinois but has lived in Arkansas for many years.