Conservative Corner: A rotten Common Core

By Nancy Carlton

One of the most important aspects of child-rearing in any nation is the education of the children. Other than food, clothing, and shelter, there are few things as important to a child’s well-being as what goes into the mind of the child. Love and proper information are absolutely vital to every human being.
There are good reasons why parents are the primary responsible parties charged with educating a child. In the natural order of things, it is the parents whose duty it is to provide their children with all the necessities.
Throughout history it has been the parental occupation to provide sufficiently for the offspring in every category of care: physical, mental, and spiritual.
The family, the church, neighbors, and local schools have been the natural tools used to prepare our children for life. As they mature, they can spread their wings and venture into farther-flung institutions of learning.
Never were children meant to be reared by the government. However, governments have been trying to take over the rearing of our children for a very long time, and they are growing quite bold in the United States.
Perhaps you have heard of the Common Core State Standards Initiative, or CCSSI. You may also run across the initials CCC, or Common Core Curriculum if you research it.
There are plenty of websites on the internet to peruse. I recommend
If you like what Obamacare is doing for healthcare, you may just love the Common Core Curriculum project.
If you are ready for the same bureaucrats who are over-taxing you, taking away your natural rights, and de-developing our nation, to indoctrinate your children and rob them of their potential as individuals, then never mind this column of mine. It will only irritate you.
If, however, you believe that Uncle Sam or Big Brother are not as qualified to determine the best education for your children as you are, then read on.
If you love freedom as much as I do, you should see red flags going up all over the CCSSI. This behemoth destroys Federalism. Uncle Sam acts as an enforcer to corral the states into a one-size-fits-all common core despite the fact that three federal laws prohibit the federal government from guiding the educational curriculum of the states. Hey, has anyone seen my Tenth Amendment lately? I know I had it when I came in...
You really must study this government power grab on your own, for I won’t have the space here to fully expose its dangers.
The dangers of CCSSI reach into every area of a child’s life, if fully implemented. Much emphasis will be placed by CCSSI on creating "world citizens" rather than Americans. "Equality" will be stressed over "Freedom".
College entrance exams will be "dumbed down" to match the standards of the Common Core.
Future problems tied to the Common Core could include outlawing all homeschooling, as has recently been done in Sweden.
Some states are taking action against this intrusion and usurpation of our rights to educate our children as we see fit.
Texas, Nebraska, and Alaska refused to participate in the Common Core.
Indiana’s Senate Education Committee voted to delay implementation until after more study.
South Carolina, Virginia, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Utah all have some form of action pending or taken to pull out of the CCSSI.
Patriot activist movements are afoot in Colorado, Georgia, Maine, Missouri, and New Hampshire to reclaim local control over education.
Please contact all your representatives in Arkansas and tell them that we in no way want to have anything to do with CCSSI. Remind them of the Tenth Amendment which protects states’ rights, and tell them that we are raising American kids here, not "citizens of the world".
As a matter of fact, John 15:19 tell us that we "are not of the world" if we are Christians. Yes, I know - this is a spiritual reference and speaks of spiritual citizenship, but with today’s governments being so secular, so anti-Christian, there is certainly a parallel to be drawn between the two meanings of "the world". We don’t need to be citizens of either the "world" we are warned against in the Bible, or the world that is comprised of nations who are joining together to destroy our freedom. Where is the separation between those two?
CCSSI is just another tool that may be used in the United Nations Agenda 21 project. If you haven’t researched UN Agenda 21, and you aren’t afraid of nightmares, type it into your favorite search engine.
Please join me in holding the line against further encroachment into our lives and freedoms.
For the sake of your children and grandchildren, stand against the Common Core Curriculum.