Council gives A&P 30-days notice of possible termination

Staff Writer

After individuals voiced concerns about the city's Advertising and Promotion Commission during a regular meeting of the Bryant City Council, the council voted to give commissioners 30-days notice of a termination vote.

Current members of the commission include Ash Patel, hotel owner; Jared Voth, owner of Koffee with a Kause; Scott Hill, of Chick-fil-A; Fran Miceli, of Luigi's; Bob Joiner, who was selected for the at-large position; and Aldermen Loren Gladden and Carlton Billingsley.

During the final section of the meeting, Alderman RJ Hawk made a motion to "issue a 30-day termination notice to all A&P members appointed by the previous administration."
The motion was approved with the two aldermen currently serving on the commission, as well as Alderman Rob Roedel, not in attendance.

The only commissioner not involved in the termination vote is Alderman Carlton Billingsley, who was appointed by Mayor Allen Scott.

According to the city's ordinance, "the city council of the city of Bryant may remove any member of the commission by a 2/3 vote, upon 30 days notice of intent to take such vote and prior to such vote occurring."
Scott told The Saline Courier that the termination vote will have to take place during a special meeting.

Following the vote, if anyone is terminated, Scott can recommend individuals to be appointed to the commission, but the council will have to approve all appointments.
If Gladden is terminated from the commission, the termination will not affect his standing with the council, Scott noted.