Donations spike across state, including Bryant

Staff Writer

Thanks to a hit show, Goodwill Industries has seen a spike in donations across the state including a 33 percent increase of donations in
Bryant. At the beginning of the year, Netflix debuted the show, "Tidying Up" in which host Marie Kondo shows views how to organize their lives and get rid of things that don't "bring you joy." Those discarded items, she encourages, should be donated to charity.

Since the launch of the show in January, Goodwill donations in Arkansas has climbed more than 27 percent; items ranging from clothing, to furniture to household decorations and accessories. The increase is nearly statewide.

The city will the most increase is Blytheville with 72 percent.

Other cities include Little Rock with 65 percent, Batesville with 49 percent, Russellville with 54 percent, North Little Rock with 42 percent and Fayetteville with 26 percent.

"Donations typically increase the first of the year as Arkansans make room for new items they received over the holidays," said Kerri Nettles, Goodwill Industries of Arkansas public relations manager. "But when you compare this year's spike to last year's increase of around 3 percent, you can only surmise the new hit show is having a big impact."

The influx in inventory is making now a great time for thrift shoppers to find great items at Goodwill. The sale of the donations is also funding numerous education, job training and employment programs, including the operation of the state's first tuition-free high school for adults. To learn more about the many services offered by Goodwill, visit