Ex-Bryant school employee arrested

Staff Writer

An ex-Bryant School District employee is facing a felony charge after she allegedly forged a parent's signature in an attempt to obtain prescription narcotic medication fraudulently.
Susan Kennedy reportedly turned herself into the Saline County Detention Center on Wednesday morning. She was released two hours later, according to the center's inmate roster.

At the time of the incident, Kennedy was the director of the Hornet Health Center, but she is no longer a school district employee. Kennedy's resignation was effective May 25, according to Devin Sherrill, spokesperson for the Bryant School District.

On May 22, Bryant Police officers received a report from another person who works at the Hornet Health Center that employees at Medic Pharmacy in Bryant had received a call about a prescription for Stadol.
"With this being an unusual medication to be called in from the School’s Center, the pharmacist questioned it," said Sgt. Todd Crowson, spokesperson for the Bryant Police Department.

After pharmacy employees looked into the prescription, it was discovered that Kennedy came into the pharmacy that same day to pick up the prescription.
Kennedy brought with her a Bryant School Student Enrollment Form that had a student’s Medicaid information. The form also included a separate page signed by the parent of the student giving permission to the Hornet Health Center to pick up the student’s prescription medications. The pharmacist contacted the student’s doctor who said he has never given a prescription for Stadol to that student. The pharmacist then refused to fill the prescription, Crowson said.

The report was turned over to the Bryant Criminal Investigation Division. During the investigation, detectives were able to make contact with Kennedy. She reportedly admitted to calling in the prescription and attempting to pick it up. She also allegedly admitted to forging the parent’s signature on the form. The parent whose signature was forged has been in contact with the Bryant detective working the case, Crowson added.

Kennedy is facing a Class C felony charge for forgery and a Class A misdemeanor charge for criminal attempt to obtain drugs by fraud.