Filing period ends Thursday

Sarah Perry
Staff Writer

The filing period for township, state and county seats which began last week, ends at noon Thursday.
Several Saline County residents have filed including incumbents and new candidates.
The following county officials filed for additional terms:
•County Judge Jeff Arey, a Republican.
•County Clerk Doug Curtis, a Republican.
•Sheriff Rodney Wright, a Republican.
•Assessor Bob Ramsey, a Republican.
•Tax Collector Joy Ballard, a Republican.
•Circuit Clerk Myka Bono-Sample, a Republican.
•Treasurer Larry C. Davis, a Republican and Carl Hanson, a Democrat.
•County Surveyor Aaron Rasburry, a Republican.
•Coroner Kevin Cleghorn, a Republican.

Filings for Justice of the Peace positions:
•District 1, Pat Bisbee, a Republican, incumbent; Laura Hanson, a Democrat.
•District 2, Everett Hatcher, a Republican, incumbent.
•District 3, Steven Gladden, a Republican, incumbent; Christina Cereghini, a Democrat.
•District 4, Barbara Howell, a Republican, incumbent; Bobby Cullison, a Republican.
•District 5, Mark Grimmett, a Republican.
•District 6, Tammy D. Schmidt, a Republican, incumbent.
•District 7, Josh Curtis, a Republican, incumbent; Tara L. Armstrong.
•District 8, Edward A. Albares, a Republican, incumbent; Mike Beckwith.
•District 9, David Gibson, a Republican, incumbent; Cass Henry, a Democrat.
•District 10 Jim Whitley, a Republican, incumbent; Carl Frank, a Democrat.
•District 11, Mike Creekmore, a Republican.
•District 12, J.R. Walters, a Republican, incumbent.
•District 13 Keith Keck, a Republican.

Filings for constable positions in Saline County:
•Don Burrow, District 1, a Republican.
•Bobby Hahn, District 2, a Republican, incumbent; Chris Web, a Republican.
The following individuals filed for school board positions:
•Michael Vocque, Bauxite School District, position 4.
•Jarrod Hambric, Benton School District, position 4.
•Darren Adams and Chris Ledbetter, Benton School District position 6.
•Tyler Nelson, Bryant School District zone 1.
•Ben Lewellen, Bryant School District zone 4.
•Wesley Toler, Harmony Grove School District, position 4.

Filings for state positions:
•Prosecuting Attorney Ken Casady, who is seeking the Circuit Judge Division 1 seat.
•State Rep. Lanny Fite, a Republican who is seeking re-election for District 23.
•State Rep. Kim Hammer, a Republican, and Melissa Fults, a Democrat, who are seeking the Senate District 33 seat.
•Julie Mayberry, who is seeking the state representative district 27 seat.
•Treasurer Dennis Milligan, who is seeking re-election.
•Land Commissioner John Thurston, who is seeking the Secretary of the State seat.
•Jasen Kelly, a Republican, director of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Saline County; Benton Alderman Kerry Murphy, a Republican, and Dustin Parson, a Democrat, are seeking the state Rep. District 28 seat.
•Chris Walton, who is seeking the prosecuting attorney seat.
Residents can file for township and county seats at the Vote Here Center in Downtown Benton. Residents can file for state seats at the Arkansas Capitol in Little Rock.