GUEST EDITORIAL: God was there at Sandy Hook

I have heard the statement that we have taken God out of schools, so why should we be surprised when Evil knocks down the door to our schools.

God is in our schools, he just isn’t “hanging on our walls”. Laws may have taken prayers out of the morning announcements, but no one has taken prayer out of the school.

A church isn’t a church because it has a cross hanging on the walls. It takes people to make a church.

The school in Connecticut had God inside those bullet-ridden walls; those blood stains on the floors were from people that proved that God was there.

The greatest display of Christianity is giving up one’s life for another.

God was in that building.

When a teacher hides her kids in a building and tells them she loves them so that maybe the last thing her students hear was they are loved, God was in that school.

When a child says he will take care of everyone because he knows karate, God was in that school.

When Evil came in to kill as many children as possible, it was a building full of people willing to die for one another that stopped a horrendous event from being even worse.

God was in that school.

With hearts broken, dreams smashed, God was there giving hugs, as the most basic need to humans is touch; strangers were hugging strangers. God was there.

When Evil tried to ruin a community, it drew people of different faiths together, and God was there.

It was Evil that knocked down the door to a school, full of God’s highest treasures - children.

God was in that school.

It is a reminder that when a child smiles at you, when a child laughs with you, when a child hugs you, that children are just on loan to us. They are God’s gift to us, God was in that school. Those gifts have wings now.

Those new angels will comfort other children in that building in the future, the next time you feel a warm breeze on a cool day, the next time you feel the sun shine on you on a cloudy day, the next time you feel peace in a time of trouble, it may be because one of God’s angels are on your shoulder.

God is in our schools. God isn’t a cross on the wall, or a prayer in the announcements, God is in the hearts and souls of the people in the school.

God may not be on the “roll,” but he answers “here” every day in the classroom.

Gary Garner, Benton