Lee Crow to run for Bryant City Council

Lee Crow has announced he is seeking a position on the Bryant City Council this November. He will vie for the Ward 3, Position 1 seat currently held by Adrian Henley.
Crow said he disagrees with Henley’s choice to maintain a website in opposition to the mayor while spearheading a stalled recall effort.
“I don’t believe his goals are Bryant’s goals," Crow said. "They elected Mayor Dabbs, and more than the majority of the people I talk to are happy with the job she’s doing. Henley clearly wants to remove the mayor. I want to respect the choice the voters made in electing Mayor Dabbs, and work with her the best I can to meet the challenges of running this city. This is a defining difference between me and my opponent.”
Crow will have an open door policy with constituents in Ward 3, he said. "I want to be someone that the people of my ward can come to any time, express their concerns and know that I will be addressing issues affecting them and Bryant every time the Council meets. Politics has no place there, only progress."
Although he's running for Ward 3, Crow said he cares about all of the needs in Bryant, even if they do not fall in his sector.
Crow said he thinks the fire department and police department should be Bryant's main budgetary concern, followed by water and street.
"Those departments provide our protection," Crow said. "If you have a fire or get into an accident that's who you call…Without funding, what kind of police and fire departments are you going to have?"
Crow says Bryant needs to focus on needs before wants. "This is a need."
In addition to the basic needs of the community. Crow wants to focus on some special needs.
"As someone heavily involved in various charitable organizations, in Bryant and Saline County, I have become keenly aware of some of the special needs of our citizens and welcome the chance to address those needs from the Council," Crow said. "Our city is still in a stage of unprecedented growth that requires more attention than my opponent has provided while pursuing priorities that the city doesn’t share."
Five years ago, Crow and his wife started the NICU Christmas Care Package program. They provide care packages to families who have to spend their first Christmas in NICU at Baptist Health Medical Center in Little Rock. Through this program, Crow has gotten to know other parents of special needs children and feels it should be a priority to make at least one playground in Bryant that is completely accessible to kids with special needs, whether they are in a wheel chair, have autism or multiple sclerosis.
In addition to the charitable organization he started, Crow has also volunteered for the Boys & Girls Club, I Can Dance and other causes.
Crow has lived In Bryant for 9 years, where he lives with his wife Amanda and their two daughters, Bethany and Bailey. He is employed by Blue Cross/Blue Shield, where he has worked for 15 years. He is a graduate of John Brown University with a bachelor’s degree in organizational management.

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