Man hospitalized after pit bull attack

Josh Briggs
Managing Editor

A Saline County man is recovering from injuries suffered from a pit bull attack that occurred Monday, according to a report from the Saline County Sheriff's Office.

At about 6:35 p.m., deputies responded to 524 Atkins Road in reference to a dog bite.

Once there, officers noticed the victim — Matthew Bean, 23 — being loaded into an ambulance as medics treated "several lacerations all over his body," the report stated.

Bean told officers that Tammy Godsey asked him if he wanted a beer and that he was waiting in front of her home.
That is when Bean says Godsey "let her four pit bulls out of her house."

Bean added that the dogs jumped a fence and began biting him. The report states that Bean attempted to run from the K-9s as he screamed for help.

He said he jumped a fence to try and get away, but that one of the dogs, too, leaped over the fence and began biting him and holding him to the ground.

According to the report, Bean said a man came to his aid, beating the dog with a pipe until it stopping attacking.

Bean was transported to Saline Memorial Hospital.

Godsey was cited for with four counts of violating County Ordinance 2010-64 Vicious Animal.

Godsey's boyfriend, Jason Halpine, too, was cited with four counts of violating the vicious animal ordinance.

According to Lt. Jeff Silk, spokesman for the Saline County Sheriff's Office, all four dogs were taken from the home Tuesday and will be put down. He added that the four animals also will be tested for rabies.

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