Past car winner surrenders chances, recipient wins

Staff Writer

Benton Alderman Kerry Murphy has won two vehicles during giveaways at Glitz and Garland in 2016 and 2017 and to his surprise, he once again had a chance to win another car this year.
Friday, organizers for the car giveaway had random shoppers pull 10 names from the 500 people who had purchased tickets for the giveaway and to everyone's surprise Murphy's name was drawn — twice.
After considering the opportunity and praying about it, Murphy decided to surrender his chances and give the opportunity to someone else.
"After winning two, I feel blessed ... it's just a chance to give back," Murphy said. "It feels good to spread the joy."
Since Murphy surrendered his chances, Donna Doggett and Josh Peabody were added to the list of finalist.
Doggett was the first person to try to start the vehicles — two 2017 Buick LaCrosses. After the first car didn't start, she moved to the second. She was stunned when the second car started.
After winning, Doggett shared a hug with Murphy and Matt Brumley, with the Saline Health Foundation, who was serving as the emcee for the event.
"I just feel so blessed," Doggett said.
Doggett plans to gift the car to her grandson, Tripp Doggett, who will be 16 years old in June.
The other car winner was Jack Pike of Conway. Pike was helping his brother, a vendor during the event, to set up his booth Friday when he decided to purchase a ticket. This is the first time he had purchased a ticket.
When Doggett was named a finalist so quickly Pike thought he would never have a chance being the sixth person to try his key.
To start the car, the finalists had to step on the brake and then press a button on the dashboard.
When it was his turn, Pike pressed the button on the dashboard and was disappointed when the car didn't start.
Fortunately, other finalists shouted that Pike had not stepped on the brake. When he tried again, the car started.
"I can't even describe it," Pike said when asked how he was feeling.
Pike, who said he never wins anything, will replace his current vehicle that has 240,000 miles with the new care.
Before the giveaway, Susie Everett, co-owner of the Everett family of dealerships, addressed the 10 finalists privately before the giveaway began.
"This is really exciting for us. It's really fun," Everett said. "We hope it makes a difference in your life and later down the road, you can do it for someone else."
This is the ninth and 10th car giveaway during the history of the event.
Brumley also addressed the finalists before the giveaway.
While commending Everett and Murphy for their giving, Brumley said, "We are called to mimic Jesus and there are people in this community like that."
Money raised from ticket sales benefit the Saline Health Foundation.