RASMUSSEN POLL: What America Drinks

The results of a poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports was released Nov. 18.
Two-out-of-three Americans consider themselves regular alcohol drinkers. They're almost evenly divided between those who drink for social reasons and those who drink because they enjoy it.
But there's a few surprises in what America thinks about drinking:
• Whites are more likely to say they enjoy drinking, while blacks and other minorities are more likely to say they drink to be sociable.
• Most Americans ages 18-39 (56%) are more likely to drink at a bar or restaurant. Older Americans are more likely to have a drink at home.
• Seventy-four percent (74%) of those who work for a private company drink regularly, compared to 64% of entrepreneurs, 59% of government employees and 55% of retired people.
• Forty percent (40%) of Americans prefer wine to beer or hard liquor. Sixty percent (60%) of wine drinkers prefer red wine over white.
• Fifty-three percent (53%) are more likely to drink a domestic beer than an imported one. Forty-six percent (46%) prefer light beer to regular. Men are more likely than women by 15 points to drink a regular beer rather than a light one.
• Democrats are 21% more likely than Republicans and 15% more likely than unaffiliated voters to identify themselves as regular drinkers.

Source: http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/lifestyle/general_lifesty...