SCAM ALERT: Circuit Clerk warning residents of suspicious calls

Josh Briggs
Managing Editor

Saline County Circuit Clerk Myka Bono-Sample is warning residents of scamming phone calls.

Sample said the calls are stating that individuals have a warrant for their arrest for missing jury duty.

"The scammer is also calling the place of employment if they find out where you work," she said.
"They are trying to scare you by telling you that a warrant has been issued, but if you pay a small fee, the warrant will be recalled."

Sample added that her office "would never call to tell someone they have a warrant for missing jury duty."

She encourages individuals not to give credit card or banking information to people over the phone.

Sample said to call her office at 501-303-5615 with concerns and to write down the scamming phone number that the call is coming from if possible.