Tire Town, Whitfield Tire merge to better serve Saline County

Chester Harris, owner of Tire Town in Benton, second from left, and Don Whitfield, owner of Whitfield Tire, shake hands in an agreement that both companies will merge as one. Whitfield and his wife, Vickie, far right, recently closed their Benton business. Whitfield has since joined the Tire Town team as shop manager, along with two mechanics from Whitfield Tire. Also pictured is Vickie Harris, left.
Josh Briggs
Managing Editor

Two of Benton’s mainstay businesses have now joined together.

Tire Town, founded in 1964, recently hired three employees of Whitfield Tire, a company founded in 1966.

Don and Vickie Whitfield operated their business for many years, but have since closed to become a part of Tire Town, joining their good friends, Chester and Vickie Harris, in serving the people of Saline County.

“We are now employing Don Whitfield as our new service manager over the shop and two of the ASE certified Whitfield mechanics,” Vickie Harris said.

With the changes come a lot of additions for Tire Town.

Previously, the company specialized in strictly tire operations, but now will offer much more.
According to Harris, the company is adding oil changing services, electrical system repair, drive train repair, engine performances, air conditioning and heating repair and other services.

“Because of our customers’ requests and demands, it is really important that we expand our mechanic shop at this time,” Harris said. “People want us to be a one-stop-shop. They want to come in and maybe wait a little bit and get a brake job, or new tires or an oil change, all while they are here.

“Before, we did not have air conditioning work and we are going to have that. We have been in the tire area before, but now we have the space and the equipment to expand.”
For the time being, while all of the new amenities will be available at 1921 Military Road, Tire Town also will offer truck service at 2506 Edison Ave. in Benton, accommodating customers of big rigs, tractors, campers and other vehicles requiring heavy machinery.

“We are going to expand soon and begin doing passenger tires here, too,” Harris said. “We have a lot of customers stop that are going to Little Rock that have a flat and things out there.”

The location of Whitfield Tire on Congo Road will no longer be used and has since been sold.

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