Toddler found walking down road alone; woman arrested, charged Friday

Jamie Guardado of Mabelvale was arrested Friday for endangering the welfare of a minor.

Officer Joseph Traylor of the Saline County Sheriff's Office was sitting at the intersection of Chicot Road and Sarnes Drive at approximately noon when he was approached by three men carrying a baby.

The men, who identified themselves as Patrick B. Conroy, Daniel A. Crumley and Darrick A. Conroy, stated that they were driving southbound on Chicot Road when they noticed a small child walking in the roadway.

The men said that the child was not attended by anyone and that they turned around to pick up the child when they noticed Traylor sitting at the intersection and brought the child to him.

The child was described as a white male, 1 year of age, wearing only "a heavily soiled diaper" and no clothing or shoes.

A witness identified the child as belonging to Jamie Guardado.

Traylor attempted to contact Guardado at her residence but received no response after knocking on the door. The Department of Human Services Office in Benton was contacted and a caseworker responded to the scene to evaluate the child.

A witness was able to provide a phone number for Guardado who was summoned to the scene and stated her child was missing.

Guardado provided a description for a child that matched the one in Traylor's custody.

Traylor stated that Guardado said she was working in the yard with her child, turned her back and then discovered that the child was missing. Traylor said that Guardado was unable to account for the approximately 40 minutes between the time she last saw the child and the time she reported the child as missing.

After Traylor placed Guardado in the rear seat of his patrol car, he said Guardado said she "must have fell asleep."

The child was taken into DHS custody and Guardado was transported the the Saline County Detention Center without incident.

Guardado was held on a $1,150 bond for endangering the welfare of a minor, but has been released from custody.